Wade Boggs tagged out at home in 96

Orioles catcher Mark Parent, right, tags out the Yankees’ Wade Boggs during the third inning of Game 5 of the ALCS at Camden Yards in Baltimore on Oct. 12, 1996. (Photo: Jeff Haynes/AFP/Getty Images)

My week working the ’96 ALCS

I had the pleasure of “working with” Wade Boggs and the New York Yankees during the 1996 American League Championship Series. I was working for NBC Sports as an Audio2/A2 for the games at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. My roommate Bob Mellor was on the gig, too, as a Camera Utility. It was a fun shoot. We had worked on many Orioles games that season, but this series was different. Winner goes to The World Series. We might get to work The World Series! I was so excited. Bob and I pretty much stuck with a Camera Op-Johnny Fortune, and supported him. It was cool working with Johnny again. We had met him on the 1996 Olympic Trials when it was shot in Baltimore. We all worked on Pro Beach volleyball. It was terrible. (wink). Bob and I were A2’s on that, too. This series was pretty much the same as the Olympics- I’d hand Jim Gray or Bob Costas the mic every once and awhile, otherwise stay out of the way.

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