Author: theamishjim


Department: Craft Services

Position: Craft Service Assistant

Craft Services Key: Jen D

Things Don’t Stay Fixed

Department: Grip

Position: Key Grip

Director of Photography: Brian Fowler


Department: Set Lighting

Position: Lighting Console Programmer

Director of Photography: Star Barry

The Best of Enemies

Department: Set Lighting

Position: Balloon Technician

Gaffer: Russell Ayer

Honey: Rise Up and Dance

Department: Rigging Electric

Position: Rigging Electric

Rigging Gaffer: J Byerly

Thor: Ragnarok

Department: Grip

Position: Balloon Technician

Key Grip: Chris Birdsong

Wood Floors

Wood Floors is my newest project. Written and Directed by Mike Gutridge. I am working as a Producer on the gig. More to come.


Department: Paint

Position: Paint Utility Foreman

Paint Charge: Kay Kropp

In the Spring of 2016, I was sitting at home waiting for my call to be crewed on the next season of The Outsiders. I got a different call instead. A much different call. It was Julie Chill, the Paint Shop General Foreman. She was inquiring about my interest in being a Paint Utility on a Netflix show called Mind Hunter. After she detailed the job description and the fact that it was work until January of next year, I told her that I was putting my boots on and checking the bus schedule now. 15 minutes later the call came from the Best Boy Electric on The Outsiders, haha.

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The Outsiders

Department: Set Lighting

Position: Balloon Technician

Gaffer: Jon Morrison

Last Flag Flying

Department: Set Lighting

Position: Set Lighting Technician

Gaffer: Jon Morrison