I’m James “Amishjim” Schulze. Lately, I’ve just been called “Amish”. Hailing from Pittsburgh and living in Southern Appalachia currently.. Making music, films and random things are just part of my life. As a percussionist in the band Frum the Hills, I enjoy beating on bongos, washboards and other instruments that I make. I’m entering my 22nd year as a filmmaker. I can’t imagine having any other job. 100 artists, working together towards one vision. I’ve touched every button on the way. From PA to Producer and lot’s of Grippin’ in between. Jack of all trades, master of none is a fair assessment. I have a huge bucket list that I am checking off all the time.

People inevitably ask where the nickname came from.  Years ago before I started making films and TV, I worked in a sawmill. Now, I worked the planer in the mill and they often made me deal with the Amish when they came in to order. The Amish aren’t all friendly like most. They didn’t like me at all, with my piercings, tattoos and mohawk. I eventually grew out their trademark beard with my ginger locks. There was about 30 of us and at least 6 of us were named Jim. There was the Boss Jim, a James, Monkey Butt Jim(not when he was around, tho) and me,  Amish Jim. A client came up to the mill once and said he was to talk to “The Amish Jim”, as the girl in the office told him. Ahh, and a legend was born.