Department: Paint

Position: Paint Utility Foreman

Paint Charge: Kay Kropp

In the Spring of 2016, I was sitting at home waiting for my call to be crewed on the next season of The Outsiders. I got a different call instead. A much different call. It was Julie Chill, the Paint Shop General Foreman. She was inquiring about my interest in being a Paint Utility on a Netflix show called Mind Hunter. After she detailed the job description and the fact that it was work until January of next year, I told her that I was putting my boots on and checking the bus schedule now. 15 minutes later the call came from the Best Boy Electric on The Outsiders, haha.

I worked under Paint Charge Kay Kropp, a veteran of the industry. She worked on some pretty cool stuff like Fargo, Book of Eli, Bosch and CSI. Plus, she is the Blood Queen, making all the blood pools for Game of Thrones. She is a master of texture and technique and it was a pleasure and learning experience everyday. It was also amazing to see the work that the Plaster shop was doing, moulding column pieces, creating stone fireplaces and brick, bricks, bricks.

It’s good to work some different positions to gain an appreciation to what everyone else has put into the project. I know when I’m a Grip, that I won’t just lean  stuff on walls all willy-nilly. Always buffer your flags with a hunk of duventine or even a crutch tip on the pins.

I’m glad that I did it and I would do it again. I like seeing all the creatives create.

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