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The Dreams

It’s time I lived some of these Dreams.

These dreams are just things I’ve wanted to do all my life. Ones like any man has. They aren’t necessarily special or exclusive to me. They could be travels, making something, meeting someone, maybe even programming a robot. There’s not exactly a thousand of them either. They come and go daily. I just want to enjoy as many as possible.

 “Boy, that would be neat to do.”

 I think it all the time. But, why not just do it, like the t-shirt says. As a lifelong sufferer of ADD, I was often in trouble and grounded as a kid. I guess going into adulthood I stayed an introvert, full of anxiety when I leave the house. It’s crazy considering what a big personality I have. I’ve went to go out to eat, drive to a restaurant, then sit there in the parking lot, unable to get out of my car. Just to drive home. I want to beat this. I want to go out and enjoy more in life. Not that I haven’t enjoyed it so far. Although, I’m sure I passed up a lot of  great opportunities. I don’t want to miss anymore. This blog is me holding myself accountable and sharing the experience with others that might have the same dream. I’ll share my take on things via YouTube, Instructables and here.

What is something you’ve always dreamed of doing, but haven’t, yet?

A Man With a Thousand Dreams.

I’m a just a man with his head in the clouds.

Howdy, I’m “Amish” Schulze and I’m a Man With a Thousand Dreams. Some might see this as a bucket list of things to do before you die, but I see it as doing things to live. I’ve let anxiety hold me back a lot of my life and it’s time to break those chains that bind me. I have lived a good life full of adventure and happiness, don’t get me wrong. On the other side of the coin there’s a lot that I haven’t done.

I’m going to start living these Dreams.

Like most dreams, it all begins with a pipe.

Photo Copyright USA Today.2013

Like most dreams, it all starts with a pipe. Sitting around bored one night, I found a journal that the owners of The Rickshaw kept of their trip around The Great Loop. Then I read another one called The Loopy Loopers. The wanton desire to do this trip grew and grew. I’ve been known to chose nutty adventures. Like the time I road my motorcycle across the country, in the middle of Winter. There was  another Winter trip, this time to Maine, then across Canada. All solo. I’ve always loved being on, around or in the water, so this seemed like a perfect trip around our fine country. It takes as few as 8 weeks (but, you will miss a lot) to as long as you like it. I’d like to do it as a year long trip. Traveling down rivers, across lakes, through canals and locks. Even a leg on the ocean. The biggest expense seems to be fuel, then food. Assuming that you have a boat that can do it. I don’t. Yet. The best way to save money is by anchoring out and not spending money to stay in marinas. Plus, I could always stop and work if need be. I continued reading to try to guess a budget. After a couple more, I stumbled on a story about a guy who “couldn’t afford fuel” so he built a solar boat. Now, I was sold. I want a solar boat. Although after looking at the pic of his boat, it seemed that he had at least $10 grand in solar panels, batteries and 2 Torqeedo electric motors that aren’t cheap. The motors are $3000 each,14 Kyocera panels cost $4500 and 8 average Trojan batteries is another 2 grand. Plus, whatever the cabling, inverter , charger, mounts and charge controller cost. You’re at 15 grand for a top speed of 2.5 mph. If it’s sunny. Oh, well. It was a fun thought. I will still have solar panels and a couple batteries so I can run stuff at night. The motor will also charge a battery bank while running all day.

I need to figure out what fuel actually costs for this trip. Most of the people doing the trip are retired and have money shooting out their butts. They have big trawlers that use many gallons per hour of fuel. I’m guessing I’ll probably have a sailboat or a pontoon boat. The goal here will be to have something that uses 1 gallon of fuel per hour or less. Those seem to be mostly in my range of around a $5,000 budget. I’m going to have to do a rough budget to see if this is even close to being able to be done in the next year. It sounds like we have a bunch of work coming, so I’d like to get on any of that if I can. Put in a garden, grow some supplies, can and dehydrate the goods. Buy a boat and test drive on the 3 rivers a mile away. Leave in the fall, snowbird down South for the Winter, Maybe hang out in NOLA and do a movie or 2 to replenish the bank account.

In the meantime, research, read and learn. Whatever I do, solar will be apart of it. I’m going to get a panel and mount it on my truck and start experimenting.

Here’s an in-depth article on Solar and RVing to start with.

Hello World!

elcome to the Life & Times of “The Appalachian Queen”.

An as of yet to be built watercraft to make the voyage around the East Coast known as The Great Loop. I, +Amish Schulze, from Pittsburgh, The Paris of Appalachia, will be your Captain, Chief Navigator and EngineerThe Mission will be one of Adventure, Documentation and Merriment.

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