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[Dream] Develop an App

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[Dream] To travel The Great Loop

Photo by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Norfolk District

 The extended Tom & Huck Mississippi float.
A couple of years ago I read a Journal by Guy Haglund that detailed a canoe float from the headwaters of The Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. I was hooked with the notion, with the adventure of the trip. I’ve since read a dozen journals of similar sorts and discovered The Great Loop during the search. It seems that most of the people that do The Great Loop trip are well-off retires blowing their grandkids inheritance.

To Be Continued. . 

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[Dream] Develop, Produce and Shoot a TV Show

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[Dream] Learn to Play Piano

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[Dream] Build a Marquee Sign

Photo by Ray Dumas
And the sign says, “Long hair freaky people need not apply” So I put my hair under my hat and I went in to ask him, why? -Tesla

Well, my sign won’t be so elaborate. I’m thinking like a flashing OPEN sign for starts. Made with LEDs, probably made with big holiday bulbs, too. I keep seeing cool marquee signs and try to figure out what one to make. I think an OPEN sign for Country Fixins will be a good start. I kept thinking I’d have to cut it out of wood, but it appears at the craft store they have paper mache letters already made. Just a quick hack job, do the wiring and mount them.
Or maybe it’ll say “Come Eat” or “Eat Now” or. . . . 

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[Dream] Make an Afghan Box Camera

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[Dream] Hike The Appalachian Trail

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[Dream] Learn HTML5

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[Dream] Write a Book

Photo by Joanna Penn

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” ― Louis L’Amour
You’d never guess it by looking at me, but, I’m a closet Louis L’Amour fan. I was one of those little boys that wore cowboy boots everywhere. In shorts, in my underwear, just everywhere. Our library had booksales in the basement. Fill a bag for a buck. You’d get one of those brown paper grocery bags and go to town. There’d be piles of random books donated from estates, movers and the like. One time there was 4 rum boxes full of these cowboy books. I didn’t know who Louis was then. I bought a bag full and soon found out.
I’m often told I should write a book or movie. I’m a natural raconteur. Stories flow, often funny, often awkward. I’ve got a couple concepts. But, as Louis says, I need to put pen to paper. Some research will need to be done, so I get the basics of storytelling correct. If I do it, may as well go in with a clue. Maybe, do one of those “Novel in 30 Days” programs. Doing this blog will be a step in the “write” direction. Better get on it.
Time to let those stories shine.

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[Dream] Sell a Piece of Art

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