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Storm flipped my BMW, ugh


The storm yesterday morning flipped my bike over. That kickstand is useless, grrrrr, unless I’m missing something, it’s ghetto. Thats twice the bike went over because of the kickstand. The first time was partly my fault because I parked on a grade, aiming down it, as soon as I let go it rolled right off the kickstand. I caught it with my thigh and recieved a football sized bruise, but it didnt hit the ground hard HAHA.I will re-engineer it by spring I’m sure. One of the bags got water in it during the storm and that kinda peeved me off too. For as much as they cost, the construction is sloppy and should fit tighter. I was ignorant to the other choices in cases when I got the bike. I have seen some real nice metal cases that I will procure. 😀

I rode 120 miles today, yea its cold. I love the looks from peeps in their cages as I roll by, big smile, ipod kickin the tunes….. Yea, it was a nice ride, some flurries for a second. The BMW Jacket and Overpants are great, real warm, no thermals yet. The coldest part is usually my wrists(short gloves) and maybe my face, but it’s not that bad at all. I thought of it as an Alaskan test run. It’s bound to happen. I can feel it.

I’m riding till there’s snow measured in feet, hehe, yea we’ll see.

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:D I might like this blog thingy

OK I’m going to rework to include this jimmy journal in it, the old one is stale anyway. I’m also doing some work on T-Bone Custom Cycle too, please check that out. Learning photoshop on my own is fun and enrichening |L(O)|L.

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^^ Crystals Birthday @ The Fireside ^^

Crystal, Todd, Theresa, Amish :P, Jen W

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