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G4 Founder/CEO Replaced (TechTV programming to return?)

Charles Hirschhorn, Founder and CEO of G4TV has been replaced! Charles was best known for his acquisition and transformation of TechTV into what is now the game centric G4TV. Will the new CEO add more tech programming? Time will tell..

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Beaurocracy over Common Sense

Beaurocracy over Common Sense

Monday- While enjoying his month long vacation, had Birthday Cake with fellow beaurocrats as New Orleans is pounded, Flew to CA for various speechs.

Tuesday- Went to San Diego to give speech to justify War in Iraq, played guitar, laughed and had fun, on camera, while thousands drown. Fisherman from Georgia show up with their own boats and start rescues. REDNECKS were helping the black community before The Commander in Chief, who flew back to his vacation spot, while the rest of the nation watched in horror. The Red Cross recieves food, water and over $100 million in pledges as Americans do what they can from their homes far away.

Wednesday – Went to DC, finally and met with cabinet (what do i do? why me? why me?). Refuses help from other nations because they didnt follow procedure, death by RedTape. Anarchy is the rule in New Orleans as NOONE takes any kind of Leadership rule at all. Looting, Shootings, Rapes and death are daily news at this point.

Thursday- Flew around the devastation with his sleeves up stopping for photo op with black family and then back in the air, never touching a brick. Geraldo Rivera saved more lives than Bush, by hand and TV proxy. Bush DID NOT stop in New Orleans to show remorse or support for victims of one of the greatest American Tragedies EVER, which happened on his watch. O, wait, he was on vacation…

Friday- Back in DC with his thumbs up his ass, still refusing assistance from other nations. Wait, he did send in the Calvary though (oddly, mostly combat units, not civil engineering??? O yea, more war on our own, OUR OWN PEOPLE!). Even though he signed a State of Emergency for the State of Louisana 2 days before the storm, O, you guys need umbrellas for the rain? Sure, NO problem…. W0w so0o0o0o efficient.

In some countries (Russia, Japan, Germany), when a leader fails…they take their own life! Take a hint bitch, er , Bush……Brown, you need a pistol to your temple too.

HE made us look like fools to the world.


….and if you didnt vote, you’re an ass for not taking part in your destiny, your family’s destiny, your neighbors…….

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Turned away as a volunteer…America is Fucked..

I called the Red Cross today to volunteer to go down and lend a hand.
NO GO. There’s no where to house volunteers and they arent properly trained. ??????
I know how to pick up bricks. In fact I’ve been a mule most of my life. You dont need special training to do manual labor. Plus my other skill sets, computer networking/troubleshooting (Red Cross has PC’s right?) and 20 years in FoodService.
It took days for any real assistance to help the really devastated areas while the government conducted their now classic “goatfuck” circle jerk. The President of The United States is a complete moron and he proves it everyday, with each blink of the eyes.
The natives on the ground are too busy killin, lootin and rapin each other to realize they could be helping themselves. Dead bodies lay in the streets because too many are too selfish. Take a note of how The World works, America. They dont leave their dead in the streets and Americans don’t cower in the face of adversity. They pick up their feet and get it done. Right now as we sit safely in our comfy seats, 50 firefighters and their families are trapped in a church by snipers in New Orleans.2 are already dead from gunshots.
The song says Kill For The Thrill of Killing…..
It took 4 days for the National Guard to get mobilized to the area. Wait, isn’t that a primary function of the Guard? It was when i was a member of the PA Nat’l Guard. They say, Waa, we couldnt get there, waa.
Today on the news it was announced that a number of countries have offered money, supplies and hands to help The United States, The United States has yet to accept any offer of help.
Yea, because the countries did not go through the “proper channels”.
Lets add it up:
*1 day for news crews to be there from across the country
*2 days to soak in the obliteration of our Gulf Coast, natives beg for help
*2nd day Mayor of New Orleans orders the stoppage of Search and Rescue to use his resources to stop looting. WHAT?
Yeah, it seems that the contents of the local WalMart are more important then HUMAN LIFE. Everything in the city of NEw Orleans in probably every store is insured anyway. I agree, guys carrying TV’s down the street is ghetto. But food, water, diapers? Even clothes. Who Cares? These people have NOTHING. LEt them eat and protect their feet from cuts and disease.
*3 days pics of death, begging and destruction haunt our every moment on TV
*4 Days for real help to arrive
*3-4 months for the Red Cross to need volunteers, YEA FOR REAL
*Still havent accepted foreign aid
It adds up to one FUCKED UP government, run by morons WE voted in. You did vote right?
Every day I wonder how much longer it takes for America to implode. This bullshit BIPartisan Elephant and Donkey show has to hit the road. The time has come for the people to take over their Government. Join a Third Party NOW! Become your local Represenative, kick the old fuckers out.
It’s Time For A Revolution!

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Battlefield 2

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The Debate on Moving………..

Well as much as I love Pittsburgh, there is no work here. I miss doing Film and Television production. …Alot!
I’ve pretty much been doing Foodservice for the last 5 years since I moved home to Pittsburgh. I have been managing and working at the family restaurant Country Fixins, in Cecil Township, PA.
Since the infamous “9/11”, production work in the area has steadily declined. I have only had One day of work in the last year. That Blows! So, I’m planning a move at the end of the Summer. I’m going Big this Time, prospective cities are: New York, Los Angeles or Las Vegas. I need to get back to the job I LOVE, the job I have almost 10 years experience in. These cities represent the best options for the skill sets I own.
My 20 years of Foodservice experience will be my foundation while I build up my TV/Film Freelance work. Sounds like S.O.P. in LA. hehe. I’m liquidating pretty much everything I own on ebay and whatever I dont sell on there will goto a local auction house to be sold for peanuts. I want to be happy again………

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*HELP*PC Hell: Computer Hints and Tips to bring you back from the edge

PC Hell: Computer Hints and Tips to bring you back from the edge

Try this page for some good help on removing viruses and malware.

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Where is Amish? Where is Amish? Killin’ T’s, Killin T’s!

b00mst1ck Xfire Miniprofile

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Day of Defeat: Source Approaching Beta

As printed here!
Day of Defeat: Source Approaching Beta
February 24, 2005, 12:33 pm ยท Chris Bokitch
Day of Defeat: Source, Valve’s World War II-themed multiplayer action game, is approaching beta and will be available early this spring via Steam. A team-based multiplayer game that cast players in the Axis vs. Allies battles of Western Europe circa 1944, Day of Defeat: Source leverages the power of the Source engine to introduce integrated physics simulation technology, all new audio, updated maps, enhanced effects and more. More information about Day of Defeat: Source will be released in the coming weeks.

Lucky gamers are Beta testing NOW!
Looky Here


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-=SteelerS=- Congrats and The Crew Pic

Congrats to the Steelers for going one step closer to “the Thumb”. We watched the game @ Gourleys on 2 TVs and drank like prohibition starts tommorow ๐Ÿ˜€

Steelers Info

Front: Theresa, Crystal and Jamie.

Back : Gourley, Todd and Mish ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy Mofo’s

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Viruses, Adware, Spyware & Malware O MY!

Ugh, we all hate them, some of us even change browsers or operating systems to avoid them. Those annoying programs that install themselves are the scourge of the internet. How do you avoid the problems they cause? Diligence is the answer. You have to be aware of every window that opens, no more Kazaa or Limewire, make sure your Windows Service Packs and updates are, well, up-to-date :P! I don’t have an all inclusive answer for you, but, I can tell you how I protect myself. And here lies those tips:

1. Run Windows Update NOW! Get Service Pack 2 and all the other little hot fixes and whatnot.

2. Install an AntiVirus program like Nortan AV 2005 or a free alternative is AVG Free. Some other Free favorites of mine include Adaware, Spybot S&D and Swat it Trojan Remover.

3. Uninstall all P2P programs (Kazaa, Limewire, etc..), they are fountains of evil! There are better ways, safer ways to aquire backup’s of your media, like bittorrent or irc with programs like mIRC. There’s some great tutorials over at, read them, learn them, young padawan!

4. Ditch internet explorer, yuk. Get Get Firefox!! Firefox is t3h s3ksi3 br0wsA. Or if you must keep ie at least get the Google Toolbar with popup blocker and other cool tools. Uninstall the ghetto “mysearch” bar or any others, in fact this leads to numero 5.

5. Uninstall all unused or unwanted programs now! Goto Start> Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs and get rid of any programs that you don’t need or want. If your not sure what a certain program does, google it! I usually go in once every couple of weeks and remove unused programs or, imagine that, programs I didnt install at all:D

6. Use an alternate OS like Mac OS X or Linux. I’ve been using a couple of iMacs for a year now and have no problems, except my own ignorance of Panther/Jaguar and trying to install Linux on my indigo, hehe. Linux just naturally has fewer problems and increased security. If you want a general purpose computer that doesnt play alot of games, I’d get an iMac G5, I <3 my G5. Or if you want a Free Operating System that is super versatile and runs on just about anything, go Linux. You can research and download the differant Distro’s @ DistroWatch or LinuxISO.

7. Never click a link in a chat window unless it’s from a trusted source. Be it Yahoo Messenger, Aim Instant Messenger or mIRC. If I get a PM from an unknown entity with a link to a website in it, I immediately put that username on ignore and close the window. Aww, there’s no Blue Link ๐Ÿ˜› it’s ok, this isn’t a chat window, hehe!

8. 9. 10. Well I wanted to do 10, but I have 7 for now. Sure, there’s a ton more, but, I will add a few more later. Like, one on GET A FIREWALL!

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