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A Man With a Thousand Dreams.

I’m a just a man with his head in the clouds.

Howdy, I’m “Amish” Schulze and I’m a Man With a Thousand Dreams. Some might see this as a bucket list of things to do before you die, but I see it as doing things to live. I’ve let anxiety hold me back a lot of my life and it’s time to break those chains that bind me. I have lived a good life full of adventure and happiness, don’t get me wrong. On the other side of the coin there’s a lot that I haven’t done.

I’m going to start living these Dreams.

Hello World!

elcome to the Life & Times of “The Appalachian Queen”.

An as of yet to be built watercraft to make the voyage around the East Coast known as The Great Loop. I, +Amish Schulze, from Pittsburgh, The Paris of Appalachia, will be your Captain, Chief Navigator and EngineerThe Mission will be one of Adventure, Documentation and Merriment.

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