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[Dream] Collect Silver

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[Dream] Learn a CAD Program

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[Dream] Get a Boat

“There’s nothing––absolutely nothing––half so much worth doing as messing about in boats.” ― Kenneth Grahame, The Wind In The Willows

I’ve been around boats of one size or another most of my life. It’s well beyond time I got one and started relaxing on the water.

To Be Continued. .  .

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[Dream] Get a Ham Radio License

Photo by Nate Steiner
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To Be Continued. . . . . 

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[Dream] Build and Program an Arduino Project [Living It]

Photo by Tod Kurt


There’s a ton of cool and useful things you can do with an Arduino. People have made robots, climate controls and even a Rosary to automate your prayers. Potential projects for me include a Time Lapse Dolly, maybe as a windlass control on a boat or you know, actually, I don’t even know what all an Arduino can do. 
Learn, Learn, Learn.

Update #1

I finally bought an Arduino board and some breadboard goodies. I’m putting together a little work area and digging out all my little electronic doodads that I’ve collected thru the years. I have a trainer from when I went to PTI for Electronics. It has a power supply and breadboard, so that’ll be key in my experimentation. 

[Dream] To travel The Great Loop

Photo by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Norfolk District

 The extended Tom & Huck Mississippi float.
A couple of years ago I read a Journal by Guy Haglund that detailed a canoe float from the headwaters of The Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico. I was hooked with the notion, with the adventure of the trip. I’ve since read a dozen journals of similar sorts and discovered The Great Loop during the search. It seems that most of the people that do The Great Loop trip are well-off retires blowing their grandkids inheritance.

To Be Continued. . 

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[Dream] Build a Marquee Sign

Photo by Ray Dumas
And the sign says, “Long hair freaky people need not apply” So I put my hair under my hat and I went in to ask him, why? -Tesla

Well, my sign won’t be so elaborate. I’m thinking like a flashing OPEN sign for starts. Made with LEDs, probably made with big holiday bulbs, too. I keep seeing cool marquee signs and try to figure out what one to make. I think an OPEN sign for Country Fixins will be a good start. I kept thinking I’d have to cut it out of wood, but it appears at the craft store they have paper mache letters already made. Just a quick hack job, do the wiring and mount them.
Or maybe it’ll say “Come Eat” or “Eat Now” or. . . . 

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[Dream] Write a Book

Photo by Joanna Penn

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” ― Louis L’Amour
You’d never guess it by looking at me, but, I’m a closet Louis L’Amour fan. I was one of those little boys that wore cowboy boots everywhere. In shorts, in my underwear, just everywhere. Our library had booksales in the basement. Fill a bag for a buck. You’d get one of those brown paper grocery bags and go to town. There’d be piles of random books donated from estates, movers and the like. One time there was 4 rum boxes full of these cowboy books. I didn’t know who Louis was then. I bought a bag full and soon found out.
I’m often told I should write a book or movie. I’m a natural raconteur. Stories flow, often funny, often awkward. I’ve got a couple concepts. But, as Louis says, I need to put pen to paper. Some research will need to be done, so I get the basics of storytelling correct. If I do it, may as well go in with a clue. Maybe, do one of those “Novel in 30 Days” programs. Doing this blog will be a step in the “write” direction. Better get on it.
Time to let those stories shine.

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[Dream] Learn a Foreign Language

Photo by Newton Free Library

Dos Carne Asada & El Grande Coca Cola!

Well, I’d like to build on that simple food order. I’m pretty sure Spanish will be the language of choice, although I do order Chinese more. I’ve never really had the need to know anything besides English. Even when I lived in Phoenix I tried to learn a little Spanish since I was around Spanish speakers often, but it was totally not necessary. I’ll use Duolingo, mostly since it’s pretty hot right now. Plus, with the interwebz it’s easy to learn via  Skype with someone learning English. You can practice speaking their native tongue with them and help their English out in the meantime.


The Dreams

It’s time I lived some of these Dreams.

These dreams are just things I’ve wanted to do all my life. Ones like any man has. They aren’t necessarily special or exclusive to me. They could be travels, making something, meeting someone, maybe even programming a robot. There’s not exactly a thousand of them either. They come and go daily. I just want to enjoy as many as possible.

 “Boy, that would be neat to do.”

 I think it all the time. But, why not just do it, like the t-shirt says. As a lifelong sufferer of ADD, I was often in trouble and grounded as a kid. I guess going into adulthood I stayed an introvert, full of anxiety when I leave the house. It’s crazy considering what a big personality I have. I’ve went to go out to eat, drive to a restaurant, then sit there in the parking lot, unable to get out of my car. Just to drive home. I want to beat this. I want to go out and enjoy more in life. Not that I haven’t enjoyed it so far. Although, I’m sure I passed up a lot of  great opportunities. I don’t want to miss anymore. This blog is me holding myself accountable and sharing the experience with others that might have the same dream. I’ll share my take on things via YouTube, Instructables and here.

What is something you’ve always dreamed of doing, but haven’t, yet?

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