It’s time I lived some of these Dreams.

These dreams are just things I’ve wanted to do all my life. Ones like any man has. They aren’t necessarily special or exclusive to me. They could be travels, making something, meeting someone, maybe even programming a robot. There’s not exactly a thousand of them either. They come and go daily. I just want to enjoy as many as possible.

 “Boy, that would be neat to do.”

 I think it all the time. But, why not just do it, like the t-shirt says. As a lifelong sufferer of ADD, I was often in trouble and grounded as a kid. I guess going into adulthood I stayed an introvert, full of anxiety when I leave the house. It’s crazy considering what a big personality I have. I’ve went to go out to eat, drive to a restaurant, then sit there in the parking lot, unable to get out of my car. Just to drive home. I want to beat this. I want to go out and enjoy more in life. Not that I haven’t enjoyed it so far. Although, I’m sure I passed up a lot of  great opportunities. I don’t want to miss anymore. This blog is me holding myself accountable and sharing the experience with others that might have the same dream. I’ll share my take on things via YouTube, Instructables and here.

What is something you’ve always dreamed of doing, but haven’t, yet?