Beaurocracy over Common Sense

Monday- While enjoying his month long vacation, had Birthday Cake with fellow beaurocrats as New Orleans is pounded, Flew to CA for various speechs.

Tuesday- Went to San Diego to give speech to justify War in Iraq, played guitar, laughed and had fun, on camera, while thousands drown. Fisherman from Georgia show up with their own boats and start rescues. REDNECKS were helping the black community before The Commander in Chief, who flew back to his vacation spot, while the rest of the nation watched in horror. The Red Cross recieves food, water and over $100 million in pledges as Americans do what they can from their homes far away.

Wednesday – Went to DC, finally and met with cabinet (what do i do? why me? why me?). Refuses help from other nations because they didnt follow procedure, death by RedTape. Anarchy is the rule in New Orleans as NOONE takes any kind of Leadership rule at all. Looting, Shootings, Rapes and death are daily news at this point.

Thursday- Flew around the devastation with his sleeves up stopping for photo op with black family and then back in the air, never touching a brick. Geraldo Rivera saved more lives than Bush, by hand and TV proxy. Bush DID NOT stop in New Orleans to show remorse or support for victims of one of the greatest American Tragedies EVER, which happened on his watch. O, wait, he was on vacation…

Friday- Back in DC with his thumbs up his ass, still refusing assistance from other nations. Wait, he did send in the Calvary though (oddly, mostly combat units, not civil engineering??? O yea, more war on our own, OUR OWN PEOPLE!). Even though he signed a State of Emergency for the State of Louisana 2 days before the storm, O, you guys need umbrellas for the rain? Sure, NO problem…. W0w so0o0o0o efficient.

In some countries (Russia, Japan, Germany), when a leader fails…they take their own life! Take a hint bitch, er , Bush……Brown, you need a pistol to your temple too.

HE made us look like fools to the world.


….and if you didnt vote, you’re an ass for not taking part in your destiny, your family’s destiny, your neighbors…….

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