I called the Red Cross today to volunteer to go down and lend a hand.
NO GO. There’s no where to house volunteers and they arent properly trained. ??????
I know how to pick up bricks. In fact I’ve been a mule most of my life. You dont need special training to do manual labor. Plus my other skill sets, computer networking/troubleshooting (Red Cross has PC’s right?) and 20 years in FoodService.
It took days for any real assistance to help the really devastated areas while the government conducted their now classic “goatfuck” circle jerk. The President of The United States is a complete moron and he proves it everyday, with each blink of the eyes.
The natives on the ground are too busy killin, lootin and rapin each other to realize they could be helping themselves. Dead bodies lay in the streets because too many are too selfish. Take a note of how The World works, America. They dont leave their dead in the streets and Americans don’t cower in the face of adversity. They pick up their feet and get it done. Right now as we sit safely in our comfy seats, 50 firefighters and their families are trapped in a church by snipers in New Orleans.2 are already dead from gunshots.
The song says Kill For The Thrill of Killing…..
It took 4 days for the National Guard to get mobilized to the area. Wait, isn’t that a primary function of the Guard? It was when i was a member of the PA Nat’l Guard. They say, Waa, we couldnt get there, waa.
Today on the news it was announced that a number of countries have offered money, supplies and hands to help The United States, The United States has yet to accept any offer of help.
Yea, because the countries did not go through the “proper channels”.
Lets add it up:
*1 day for news crews to be there from across the country
*2 days to soak in the obliteration of our Gulf Coast, natives beg for help
*2nd day Mayor of New Orleans orders the stoppage of Search and Rescue to use his resources to stop looting. WHAT?
Yeah, it seems that the contents of the local WalMart are more important then HUMAN LIFE. Everything in the city of NEw Orleans in probably every store is insured anyway. I agree, guys carrying TV’s down the street is ghetto. But food, water, diapers? Even clothes. Who Cares? These people have NOTHING. LEt them eat and protect their feet from cuts and disease.
*3 days pics of death, begging and destruction haunt our every moment on TV
*4 Days for real help to arrive
*3-4 months for the Red Cross to need volunteers, YEA FOR REAL
*Still havent accepted foreign aid
It adds up to one FUCKED UP government, run by morons WE voted in. You did vote right?
Every day I wonder how much longer it takes for America to implode. This bullshit BIPartisan Elephant and Donkey show has to hit the road. The time has come for the people to take over their Government. Join a Third Party NOW! Become your local Represenative, kick the old fuckers out.
It’s Time For A Revolution!

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