Well as much as I love Pittsburgh, there is no work here. I miss doing Film and Television production. …Alot!
I’ve pretty much been doing Foodservice for the last 5 years since I moved home to Pittsburgh. I have been managing and working at the family restaurant Country Fixins, in Cecil Township, PA.
Since the infamous “9/11”, production work in the area has steadily declined. I have only had One day of work in the last year. That Blows! So, I’m planning a move at the end of the Summer. I’m going Big this Time, prospective cities are: New York, Los Angeles or Las Vegas. I need to get back to the job I LOVE, the job I have almost 10 years experience in. These cities represent the best options for the skill sets I own.
My 20 years of Foodservice experience will be my foundation while I build up my TV/Film Freelance work. Sounds like S.O.P. in LA. hehe. I’m liquidating pretty much everything I own on ebay and whatever I dont sell on there will goto a local auction house to be sold for peanuts. I want to be happy again………

compliments of amishjim.com